Keine Rückerstattung Nein! JA!

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We have discovered this incredibly awesome video clip to Kommando Trash‘s Smash Hit “Keine Rückerstattung”.

What a feast for the old eyes and ears!

Here’s a few reactions from the Bimmelomunity:
“Truly mindblowing! Every day i’m impressed by and truly thankful for the fact that i’m the drummer of this amazing band!” – Diskoh Dirk

“Sis is an instant classico and 1 of se best elektropunk stücke in se history of musikh! JA!” – Diskoh Pee

“It is so detached, hard and rough, yet at the same time so delicate and tender….” – Pavid Didler

“It is quite nice. Sort of.” – Flat Fredrick

Guaranteed no refunds.